Freelance Projects

I write a lot of code for freelance projects. I usually split my time down the middle between teaching and freelance/consulting work.
Circuit Plus is a fitness application that streamlines gym class enrollment and scheduling for a network of facilities in Kuwait. The application uses Node.js with the Express framework on the backend, and Angular.js on the frontend.
FindMyFitness is a "Yelp for fitness businesses" concept. It was built using Ruby on Rails and features location-based database queries and Braintree subscription integration.
SweetGlue is an iOS/Android app that tracks a user's location and matches them with others they have passed throughout the day based on similar interests. The app featured background location tracking, push notifications, and cron jobs.
FiveMinuteFlowers is an iOS/Android app that makes ordering flowers more fun. I built this using jQuery Mobile with a PHP backend.
AstroCollage is an iPad application that allows users to create collages based on a library of astronomical images. The app features gesture-based image manipulation, exports to camera roll, and social sharing options.
HeadsUpHealth is a web application for tracking health data metrics through a HIPAA-compliant dashboard. I worked on building the algorithm to process bio-marker metadata to provide medical insights to users.