Hey! I'm Arun. I'm a software developer from San Francisco, California. I love to build beautiful and functional things, and also teach people how to code.
ProfStream is a curriculum development and distribution tool that uses Git for content creation. I created this tool using Ruby on Rails and use it heavily for my teaching engagements.
I am currently teaching the Front End Web Development (FEWD) and JavaScript Development (JSD) classes at General Assembly San Francisco. I have also taught Web Development Immersive, which is the full-time program.
EmboldenLearning is my training company in which I lead trainings for the enterprise in a variety of technologies. I teach a lot of Ruby, Node, Angular, and HTML/JavaScript.
I have been involved in many consulting projects over the years. Check out the link above to see a list.
I have attended a few hackathons now and built a number of projects over the weekends. Refer to the link above to see what I've been up to.